Phallus and Labia Tattooing

are two medical procedures that provide our patients after they have received

Gender Reassignment surgery

with the aesthetic appearance to make the patient more comfortable with their new genitalia.

Selected pigments are discussed to provide the right colour and tone to the skin until the patient/client feels contented with the outcome.

Gentlemen who receive phallus tattooing are usually unhappy with the colour of the shaft & glans area as thigh or forearm skin is used. Colours are discussed and the glans penis is usually darkened with correct pigment tones. The shaft can receive shadings & veins tattooed on specific areas.

Ladies who receive the vulva (labia) tattooing approach this idea in the same way. Change of aesthetic appearance to make a more anatomically correct vulva.

For prices and images of labia & phallus tattooing in London please contact us.

Gender symbol

Phallus tattooing

"Sara tattooed my penis for me to make it look more like that of a biologically born male’s (I am a transgendered male). She carried out this work over three sessions, and I was, and still am, extremely happy with the results. My penis looks very natural; with a darkened and very well defined head, a number of small individual red thread veins, and one long main blue vein running down from the base. Sara is fantastic at putting you at your ease and ensuring you are as comfortable as possible. She answers all the questions you may have before the sessions begin and keeps you informed throughout the process. She wants you to be completely happy with the result, which I was. I would highly recommend Sara’s work."


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